Save the Oceans!

I acquired a cool, new bracelet for myself recently (it was my “congratulations-on-starting-your-freelancing-path” gift to myself.)  😁  It’s through a company I originally heard about on Facebook called 4Ocean.  You can visit their website here.  This is a pretty cool business.  They sell bracelets made from recycled materials (the glass beads on the bracelets are made from recycled glass).  The profits from the sales are used to clean plastic from oceans around the world.  They claim, for every bracelet bought, one pound of plastic is pulled from the ocean.  The company also employs local crews to help with the cleanup so, on top of making our oceans cleaner, they’re also supporting local businesses.  The bracelets are appropriate for all and are adjustable (they could be worn on the ankle as well).

Each month, they choose a different sea animal to focus on–for May, it was whales.  For the month of June, the special product is green bracelets for sea turtles (I got the generic, blue one, because, I’m partial to blue).  😊  The bracelets are $20 each and I received mine in about a week.

Full disclosure:  I have seen some criticism online regarding this company because they are for-profit.  My view is, while I’m a BIG supporter of nonprofits, this is a grass-roots company that’s doing serious good in multiple ways around the world, I’m perfectly happy supporting them.

See below for a few pics of my newest acquisition:

I used the water bottle lid to compare for size
Not bad for $20!  😀


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