Getting Old 😝

So…I turned 36 this week!  Both of the Trekkers, actually, turned 36 this year.  How is it possible that we are that “old”?!  Seriously?!  I do NOT feel it.  Is that even old anymore?  I hope not!  I have every intention of living WELL into my 80’s, at a minimum, so I better not be anywhere near middle age yet! 😝😉  It’s funny to think I feel old, yet I (hopefully) still have half (or more) of my life left to live, yet.

I always assumed that by now I’d have everything figured out.  It’s silly, but when you watch tv, and there’s a character who’s in their 30’s, they usually seem so mature. They seem like “real” adults.  They have a “real” job, they’re married, they have kids, they own a house…I hope I’m like that when I grow up. 🤔  Wait!  I’m married, we own a house (some may argue whether or not freelancing equates to a “real” job, but I digress.) 😳😉  We haven’t chosen to have kids (yet) but an elderly hound dog comes in a close second, right? 😉  Wow! I am that person!  But why don’t I feel like it?  

I started feeling “old” when my doctors began responding with, “that’s normal with age” when I would point out oddities I had noticed. 😝  Don’t get me wrong, that is a far better response than the alternative could be, but still…and then there’s the always loved, “your biological clock is ticking.”  Ugh, the infamous “kid quandary”.  We’ve been putting that issue off till “someday” for quite some time now.  The thing is, at some point, you can’t put it off any longer.  Some people get offended by comments like the one above, but here’s the thing, it’s the truth.  At some point, biology does take over.  There’s a window regarding this matter that will literally be closing at some point in the future (and potentially sooner than I’d care to admit).  It’s just a fact of life.  STOP WITH THE PRESSURE MOTHER NATURE!!! 😫🤯😱😉 

Part of the reason we still “feel like kids” could be partially due to the fact that Mr. Trekker and I didn’t begin “adulting” until we were almost 30.  When one of you spends seven years in grad school, other life events tend to get put on hold.  So, while most of our friends and family members were getting married, buying houses and having kids at 22 (or earlier), we didn’t get to really start the process till almost 30. So, we’re, basically, eight years behind everybody else.  Does that mean in “adult years” we’re actually only 28?  Could that explain why I don’t feel “that old”?  Or maybe I’m just immature!  😉😝  

I spoke to the goals I have for the coming year in a previous post, so I won’t dredge into those again.  I will say this though, I’m looking forward to 36, I’m optimistic (and prayerfully hopeful) that it will be a good year.  Plus, I get to be an even-numbered age again.  I like even numbers, so hopefully, that’s a good omen. 😉  I always try to celebrate my birthdays, after all, getting older is FAR better than the alternative, right? 😜

Mr. Trekker did get me a pretty awesome gift for my birthday…

Now I can take my mountains with me wherever I go!



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