38 Years of Blessings!

My 38th birthday was this week. Here are my thoughts on turning another year older.

The Tranquil Trekker turned 38 this week!  That’s right, I just told you how old I am, and I am not ashamed!  But seriously ya’ll, how is it possible that I am this old?!

I’m more excited about this birthday than I was last year, partially because, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like odd numbers. 😝  I think one reason I’m feeling more positive this year is that we seem to (hopefully 🙏 ) be SLOWLY emerging from the COVID cloud.  That’s enough to make anyone smile! (Maybe that’s why last year felt like a downer b-day, I was anticipating the misery to come! 😂)

What does “getting older” mean for me?

I feel like I pretty much stopped “growing older” at around 30.  I’m more mature now than I was then (I think? 🤔) and I definitely feel much more secure in who I am and what I want out of this life (and the world).  So far, my 30’s have been good to me and I feel like I’ve really come into my own in the last few years.

So what does it mean to notch another year on the proverbial stick that is my life?

Another birthday means being hopeful about the future!

I have every intention of living to be 85 or so, at least.  This isn’t an unreasonable goal, as I was blessed with pretty good genes.  All but one of my grandparents lived into their 80’s (and plenty of other family members have lived at least that long, sometimes far longer).  While nothing is guaranteed, of course (my anxiety forces me to put that qualifier in, we don’t want to jinx anything do we? 🙄) it’s a fair guess that I’m not even half-way through my lifespan yet…which is a WONDERFUL thing.

I have grand plans for the future.  I want to travel, I want to write, I want to see and learn new things, I want to leave my impact on the world.  I don’t have time to feel old!

Getting older means energy!

I’ve got just as much energy as ever.  I still don’t need coffee to wake me up in the morning (anyone who knows me well will tell you the LAST thing I need in the morning is MORE energy 😇).  Everything just seems to move so fast these days, I feel like life is racing by!  The hours, the days, the weeks, the months, the seasons, the years!  I want to embrace life and enjoy it as much as I can, and that can be hard to do when it feels like it’s just whipping by you!

May 38 be a year of blessings

My goals this year are similar to last year.  I want to continue striving to appreciate the little positives that each day brings.  I want to continue to embrace life’s small moments, so maybe each year won’t race by so quickly anymore.  I thank God for every one of my 38 years, and I pray He chooses to bless me with MANY more!  Like I always say folks, don’t complain too much about getting another year older, it’s better than the alternative!

What are your thoughts each year you approach another birthday?  Tell me about them in the comments!

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It happens to all of us. Each second, minute, day, month and year we get older. Read on for my positive take on another successful trip around the sun.



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2 thoughts on “38 Years of Blessings!”

  1. Happy birthday!! 😀

    I had no idea we are the same age. I feel like each year I gain confidence so I can go on more epic trails, even if my knees ache more than they used to!

  2. When you are old enough that you can’t live that many more additional years, then on paper you are old. That doesn’t mean that mentally you are old. Live life to the fullest.

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