Autumn is a Wonderful Time of the Year

In this post I discuss my love for my second-favorite season, Fall!

It’s Fall ya’ll!  Ok, it’s almost Fall.  I am aware the astronomical start of the season isn’t until around September 22.  However, I live with a meteorologist, so I can go with the meteorological start which is September 1!  The meteorological seasons always made more sense to me anyway†…who thinks of winter starting in the middle of December, or summer in the middle of June? 😋  It always feels like those seasons are half over by the time they “officially” start.

†The astronomical calendar is based on the position of the sun.  Spring and Fall start on their various equinoxes, while Summer and Winter start the days with the longest (and least) amounts of daylight.  In contrast, the meteorological calendar just divides the seasons up by three-month sections (Winter starts December 1, Summer starts June 1, etc.)  

Autumn is my second-most-favorite season of the year (and only falls slightly short of Spring as my most favorite season)! 😉  I absolutely LOVE it!  There are only two bad things about this time of the year:  the South Dakota winds tend to start blowing again 😗, and the days are starting to get shorter in earnest now, which I never enjoy.  The good news is, fall is usually fairly busy for the Trekkers, and with Halloween will come the start of the holiday season so, before we know it, it’ll be January and the days will be lengthening again! 😎

I am SO ready for the heat and bugs to be gone! I always look forward to summer, until it gets hot and stays hot and then I say…NOPE! 😋  I just don’t “do” hot ya’ll, sorry.  And while I enjoy summertime activities (and all the daylight), I just don’t find that I enjoy summer weather that much.  My body just can’t handle the heat (my doctor says I have “heat sensitivity”. 😓)  This is part of the reason why the (almost) 2000-mile move from North Carolina to South Dakota was such an improvement for me (it doesn’t hurt that the Black Hills is known for having fairly low humidity and some of the best weather for about 600 miles in any direction!) 😃

I can’t help it, I just LOVE fall weather; the crisp, cool evenings, the damp, foggy mornings.  I LOVE that it’s starting to feel good to snuggle in a sweatshirt again. I love the smell of drying leaves and the way they *crunch!* underfoot, not to mention all their beautiful colors!  The ever-green pines here in the Hills contrast so nicely with the vibrant yellows of the aspen trees, all set against the backdrop of our–frequently–blue sky.  I love the way these signs herald change.  The cool air just feels like such a relief after the hot summer.  It’s like we’re all coming out of a sluggish mode and we’re gearing up for a season full of activities again.  I also LOVE the moodiness of the cloudy, grey days (as long as they don’t occur too close together, or I have to pull out the Vitamin D3† early!)

What is your favorite season?  What are your favorite parts of Fall?  Let me know in the comments!

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Cooler temps, colorful leaves, fun holidays, who doesn't enjoy Fall? Read on for reasons why this is one of my favorite seasons.


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4 thoughts on “Autumn is a Wonderful Time of the Year”

  1. I enjoy the beginning of Fall, and the relief from the hot, humid summer. We also travel to Maine for a week after the summer rush has passed.
    Not so much of a fan once the temperature drops because, as my spouse will confirm, I’m always much colder than he thinks I should be! 🥶

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