Mindfulness Posts

Photo by Sohel Patel from Pexels

In this listing of blog posts, I discuss ways to use Mindfulness practices to help make the world a better place.

Mindful Thoughts on Coronavirus–One Year Out

Microadventures: Fun Close to Home!

Dealing with Strong Emotions During a Pandemic

Spring Forward: Daylight Saving Time

Stay Mindful by Using a Smartphone Purposefully

Using Mindfulness to Overcome Road Rage

Enjoying the Winter Solstice

I Do: 10 Tips on Making a Marriage Last

Why the Time Change?

Halloween, A Creepy Holiday?

Enjoy the Holidays Mindfully –let’s stop rushing the Holidays

Just Groovin’: 5 Tips for Using Mindfulness to Lower Anxiety

Can we be friendly towards those with different political opinions?

Weeding as a Mindfulness Exercise

Summer Solstice:  The Longest Day

A Sustainable Low-carb Lifestyle

Reduce Stress by Embracing Mindful Minimalism

Final Thoughts on Low-Carb Lent

Use Mental Energy Wisely

Solo Hiking is Risky

Low-carb Lent

Humans Aren’t at the Top of the Food Chain

Cross-country Skiing is Hard! Be Persistent!–I discuss the ongoing attempts of me learning to cross-country ski

Increasing Daylight as Winter Wains –I discuss our ever-lengthening daylight

Conquer Lengthy Trails in Small Portions–I talk about the pride I feel when I complete portions of trails that I haven’t in the past

38 Years of Blessings

Here Comes the Sun!!!–I discuss my happiness that the shortest day of the year is past

Be Mindful Towards All Holidays Celebrated this Season–I discuss the tension that occurs during the holidays with so many competing traditions occurring around the same time

A Trekker’s Manifesto–I explain my motivations for writing this blog

I HATE Seasonal Depression!–I discuss my personal struggle with SAD (Seasonal Depression)

Embrace the Dark Winter Days–I discuss some natural and behavior-based methods I use to help manage symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

They Vandalized Poet’s Table!

Forest Bathing as Therapy