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On this page is a listing of posts where I give you a more intimate look into how I see the world:

Mindful Thoughts on Coronavirus–Year 2

Tranquil Trekker’s 5 Tips for Traveling with a Dog

Happy Blogiversary!

Mindful Thoughts on Coronavirus–One Year Out

Conquer Lengthy Trails in Small Portions

Easter Ends the Lenten Fast!

My Lenten Fast

A Tranquil New Year

A Very Trekker Christmas

Enjoying the Winter Solstice

Christmas Tree Hunting in the Black Hills National Forest

Happy Thanksgiving!

I Do: 10 Tips on Making a Marriage Last

Why the Time Change?

Happy 36th!!

Halloween, a Creepy Holiday?

Autumn is a Wonderful Time of the Year

Adopting a New, Furry Friend!

IBS:  an Invisible Illness

A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

A Sustainable Low-carb Lifestyle

Ode to an Old FriendI discuss the difficult loss of a family pet

Final Thoughts on Low-Carb Lent

Mindfulness and the Open Road

Anxiety:  the Devil InsideI use two of my favorite songs to help explain what it feels like to live with Anxiety

Yummy Low Carb Foods

Yummy Keto-friendly recipes!

Low-carb Lent

A Trekker’s ManifestoI explain my motivations behind writing this blog

I HATE Seasonal Depression!I discuss my ongoing struggle with SAD (Seasonal Depression)

Embrace the Dark Winter DaysI discuss the methods I use to help control symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Saving the World with 4Ocean!