Luggable Loo and Double Doodie Bags Review

In this post I review the Luggable Loo and Double Doodie bags.

Where do you go, when you gotta GO…and you’re in the woods? 😳

Before our 12-year-old inner selves start giggling 😜, let’s get the awkwardness out of the way.  Everybody poops!  And, when you’re in the woods for long periods of time, you’ll probably need to do it there.  Just pretend you’re getting in touch with your ancestral roots! (Let’s face it, the woods is often a far better–or at least less smelly–option than a pit toilet! 🤥😝 )  The Luggable Loo and Double Doodie Bags will help make this necessary chore as pleasant as possible!

Leave No Trace Principles

When we’re enjoying the great outdoors, we need to remember that we are guests of Mother Nature.  This privilege should be respected, and in so doing, we need to be responsible and clean up after ourselves.  Leave No Trace principles are practices we should all follow to ensure we leave the most minimal impact possible on the natural world.  You can visit this website, maintained by the Center for Outdoor Ethics, for a listing of the various principles and how best to implement them.

There are several systems available for waste disposal when you’re in the wilderness, many are small enough they can be carried in a backpack.  The Trekkers car camp, so we have room for one of the larger options.  There are also several brands and versions of the loo and bags, these are just the ones I chose to use–you could, also, make this product on your own, though the success of your creation may vary.

What is a Luggable Loo?

A Luggable Loo is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a portable–or luggable–toilet comprised of a seat, a five-gallon bucket, some kitty litter, and some VERY sturdy Double Doodie (garbage) bags.  The kitty litter and bags work GREAT to contain any odor, especially if they’re changed daily.  The fact that the only people to use the facility are those in your own party make them far more palatable as well.  

I’ve said this before but I can’t stress it enough, when you’re in bear country, ESPECIALLY grizzly country, it’s essential to make yourself as uninteresting as possible to our friends of the Ursus variety.  I recommend the unscented trash bags and the all-natural kitty litter with charcoal (it’s unscented and the charcoal works great to impede odor–it’s also slightly cheaper!)  

What are Double Doodie Bags?

Double Doodie Bags compliment the Luggable Loo very well.  They’re easy to install, sturdy, hold a large volume of “product”, and are easy to remove from the loo when you’re finished.  You can simply dispose of the used bags in any trash can.

It is not essential to carry these, or any other waste disposal system, with you.  You can always employ the old fashioned method of burying your “leavings” (though there are certain steps you should take in order to accomplish this in a way that is least harmful to the environment.  You can check Principle 3 on the Leave No Trace page for info on how to go “old school” when disposing of waste.).  Regardless of the system you choose to use, you should always pack out any non-biodegradable items, such as feminine products.  

With the use of these fine inventions (or other waste disposal systems), you don’t need to worry about the need to “go” keeping you from going out and enjoying the outdoors!

Have you ever used the Luggable Loo or the Double Doodie bags?  What were your experiences?  Tell me about them in the comments!

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In this post I review two items no backcountry camper should go without, the Luggable Loo and Double Doodie bags.


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